Gold Digger

  • Made with Unity

  • Lead Game designer / Level designer

  • Made within 6 weeks

  • PC

You find yourself in a old and dark cemetery. Wouldn’t it be great to dig out all those buried treasures and get rich? But be careful because as soon as you start digging, a curse will fall on you…
A cupid priest is ready to give you shelter. But you will have to pay him in order to enter the chapel.  Dig, get gold, run away from the zombies, pay the priest and shop for upgrades! Be careful not to fail too many time though, with too many zombies, it will be hard for you to come back in the chapel!

My part :

  • Managed the other game designers

  • Wrote all the design documents

  • Design & integration of the Level Design

Post Scriptum

This game production was pretty chaotic, for me, as for every member of the team. When we launched it on, we were definitely not happy about it at all. I wanted to take a stepp back from the production of this game so I can make a pretty clear postscriptum about how it went and why.

From the beginning of the project, the organization and the pre-production phase didn’t start off very well, and we all never took time to talk about it and settle things out. We pretty much rushed the project and the communication within the team got worse and worse, as we split apart.

The end of the project was a relief, and now that we talked about it, we are now proud that we managed to finish the project in 6 weeks.

For my part, I wish I could have tested the level design more as I don’t think it is optimized enough. I wanted to make a big map which was not the right choice.

On the other hand, I am really proud of all my Design Documents (Game Overview & Creative Brief)

Thank you for reading!